Prism Planters
by The Principals

at Saturdays NYC


The Principals present Golden Arch, an installation of their new modular planter system Prism Planters in the backyard of Saturdays NYC, May 17-20. A series of rolling arches that bisect the backyard, the project allows visitors to pass through openings from the south to north sides, symbolizing the division between the sacred and physical world.

In Aboriginal culture, all sacred things are said to have emerged from the Dreamtime — a state of sleep deep within the earth — into the physical world. The plant-embedded Golden Arch symbolizes the emergence of these elements — sun, moon and stars — as created by the dreamtime ancestors, and their return back into the earth in a state of ancestral sleep.

The project speaks to a desire for an integrated landscape where we wholeheartedly take on our responsibility as shepherds of the earth, in both the physical and the dreamtime worlds. 🖖

Golden Arch, May 17-20

Saturdays NYC
31 Crosby St.
New York, NY 10013 ︎ ︎